Is the Corsair VS550 (OEM CWT) reliable?

Jul 15, 2017
Hi everyone,

I have a Corsair VS550 laying around and I'd like to use it in a gaming PC with the following components:
- Intel i5-4440 (TDP 84W);
- 2x 4Gb DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws @ 1600MHz;
- 1x 2Tb Toshiba hard drive;
- 1x 120Gb SSD;
- Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II OC (Up to 300W of power consumption).

But the Corsair VS550's OEM is CWT (according to the RealHardTechX PSU database), and they don't seem like a great manufacturer.

I also have a Be Quiet! E7-450W, which OEM is FSP. But it's only 450W, and I don't think it could handle this system's power consumption on the long run.

So, could the Corsair VS550 handle this system's power draw reliably on the long run?

Thank you and have a nice day.
Both PSUs would handle that system just fine.

First time I've ever heard of CWT being a bad manufacturer. They're known for making pretty solid mid range units.
So does the Be Quiet. Both of them use CapXon. They both are low end units. 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other.

Regardless, both should be sufficient for that load.
Corsair units are alot better than they were even the CWT. Picked up a 650w unit all running and looks good. Need to send this Rosewill unit back blown up.
Nevermind...with further messing around none of the sata ports work now,,,,and it's like no power on the sata side....idk the rosewill blow up and kill all the satas?...or something wrong with the corsair....this sucks lol
so got two units need to send back, or would just get one of these nifty new usb 3.0 ssd'd/HDs and just go that route, unless could score a awesome deal on a pci ssd.