is That's Taiyo Yuden Light Scribe printable?

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Jul 1, 2004
I bought this: ebay item no. 200933098649

New Taiyo Yuden That's CD-R 700MB High Quality Blank Disk Madia Spindle 50 Disks

Manufacturer's part number: CDR80SPY50BR
Capacity: 700MB
Recording speed: 40X
Weight: about 920g
Label surface: printable silver

Shipping Weight: 862 g
Manufacturer's part number: CDR80SPY50BR
ASIN: B002X794RS

Commodity Description

Inkjet printer compatible Silver Label Spindle 50 Pack / Media format Specifications: Japan / Country of Origin: Spindle: Silver Label packaging inkjet printer: printable speed: 40 speed record up to 50 sheets pack: number CD-R Pack


but when I use Light Scribe to print this to the surface of the CD cover, it is not seeing the disc, w/ the price of these That's CD, it's not seeing any the bar code.

Has any1 uses a That's CD Media to print on the surface of the CD cover or am I to assume it's not printable on the surface by Light scribe?
In the end, I have to use white sticky paper. I try to use Nero Cover designer. The problem is, the circular paper I got is from staples. It's hard to line up the print out from Nero to the staple paper
These are inkjet printable disks. If you have an inkjet printer with a disk attachment it allows you to print directly on the disk itself. Doesn't Nero have a template selector that will allow you to pick the paper that you are using for the labels? Or is yours not listed?