Is Blu-Ray here to stay for a bit?


Fully [H]
Aug 3, 2004
With 4k coming out and 128G BDXL drives coming out, i wanted to know if BR is here to stay for a while or not, or what is coming next.

There are some movie i want to buy in BR for now, classics i really like, but would hate if next year some new 4k standard for BR comes out that cant be played on existing drives, i only have an LG BD-R drive, but still...
Of course.
4K wont be near mainstream until around 4 years, the technology needs to improve, prices need to drop, networks need upgrading and video needs to build up a catalogue.
Even then there will still be a huge market for 1080p material.

The next step is an expanded Blu Ray using higher capacity disks for 4K.
As usual, the first of these will likely have issues and cost a lot.
Its possible some older drives could work with a firmware update, but dont hold your breath.
That's what i was hoping, i was reading over on about reviews for disks and drives and had some people talking about 4k will likley be on 100G / 128G BR disks.

i just ordered the

LG Electronics 14x Internal BDXL Blu-Ray Burner Rewriter WH14NS40

So it has support for 128G disks at least, just nice to see the prices dropped so low now.
Blu-ray has been out for 7 years (going on 8)

DVD was out for around 10 years before talks of a new standard started emerging.

I would say there is maybe 3-6 more good years left in bluray before something better comes along.