Is 1.340 voltage safe for a 12700kf?


Jul 24, 2021
Hello, I just built a new system up with a12700kf cpu & a MSI Z690 MPG Edge Wifi motherboard and the default auto voltage out of the box no tweaking any setting with the latest bios from msi updated is 1.340 voltage under 3dMark Extreme load. My question is should I leave it there or try to lower it? Is it safe at "stock" or "default" voltage like this? It seems a bit high to me, but I am coming from 6 generations at I had a 6th gen 6900k 8 core to this 12th core 12700kf. Any advice please?

Also, should I be worried to try to adjust cpu voltage settings because this board doesn't have a dual bios? I always liked having that safety net my previous MSI X99A sli plus had.


Apr 26, 2013
Intel hasn't published core voltages for their CPUs in almost 20 years, so it's hard to know what the maximum "safe" voltage is. I think the last socket that had core voltages printed was PGA478.

However, it is known that motherboards since at least the 2000s have pushed voltages well above what is needed, causing excessive heat, power consumption and sometimes reduces the CPUs life. They do this to push themselves up the performance charts, along with other tricks. Some examples would be running slightly higher bus speeds to get a higher CPU clock, or ignoring turbo guidelines to allow for infinite turbo duration, or allowing full turbo on all cores and grossly exceeding the power envelope.

If you want to try undervolting your CPU to reduce power consumption and heat output, you can try lowering the voltage 50 mV at a time and testing between to see when it gets unstable. If it stops booting properly, just clear the CMOS settings and go back to the last known working value.