Iptorrent Invites

I have 0 invites for the first 3 pm's- all gone. ...:)
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Anyone who wants invites, PM me.

edit: gone. you guys better seed! I'm watching you.
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I am the Devil..:)

i got 3 invites.. anyone wanna trade me something for it? doesn't have to be a torrent site could be anything!!
IF you are going to PM me please take the time to read the OP. That being said I have 2 left atm.
I have some iptorrent invites if anyone has something to trade... perhaps torrentleech, long shot i know.
A IPtorrent invite would be great... so if anyone fel the need to throw one at me... please do
I have ONE to give out - I'm a bit hesitant to give it out to some random stranger, since if the person I invite doesnt seed or otherwise is a schmuck, it reflects on me.

Send me a PM with something to convince me I'm safe inviting you along with a valid email address, and you've got it.

EDIT: No more invites left for me to give.
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