Iptorrent Invites

anyone else have invites available. I would be interested. Thanks.
I'll mooch an invite if anyone has one.

I should have a few demonoid invites if anyone wants them.
I have a demonoid invite I can trade for an iptorrent invite if someone is interested.
Would love an invite if someone has one to spare. Demonoid seems to be down for me :confused:
I would definitely appreciate an invite as well :) I dont have anything to offer as far as other invites though :(
I have an invite to xtremespeeds.net that I would be willing to trade for an iptorrent invite.
Does anyone happen to have a spare invite left? If so, please PM me - it would be most helpful. I can help pay it forward and offer a Demonoid invite, as well! ;)

Thanks, and Happy Easter! :D
IM sure I have some more. Ill get the ball rolling when I get off work today.
i'll be very appreciative if there is one available for me! tyvm