Intel "Panther Lake" Processor to Integrate a "Celestial" Xe3 iGPU


[H]F Junkie
Dec 19, 2005
Wonder how baller this Celestial Xe3 iGPU is? Seen some recent reviews of contemporary iGPUs in general and to be honest they make a lot of games playable at 1080p60. Supposedly even the new Spider-Man

"Intel's graphics architectures will continue to be highly scalable and modular in their applications, with variants of them scaling between low-power iGPUs to large client discrete GPUs, and very-large HPC-AI processors. The variant for the iGPU powering "Panther Lake" will be Xe3-LPG, a highly skimmed version of the architecture for lower Xe Core counts, with just the right hardware to operate in power-constrained devices such as mobile processors. From the looks of it, Intel will stick with the disaggregated chiplet design for its processor architectures going all the way down to "Panther Lake," as an older company slide detailing the scalability of "Celestial" highlighted a "next platform" processor succeeding "Meteor Lake" and its immediate successor ("Arrow Lake")."