Intel LANFest Infernalan Dec. 9-11 @ Washington State Fairgrounds


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 14, 2007

Seats are currently $40 if you register now and $45 if you buy a seat at the door.

I will be going up there with a group of friends from Portland. There are a lot of seats left for such a large and previously very popular lan. I've only been to a few of the smaller LANFest events so this should be interesting.

Also, here's hoping for a better raffle prize than what I got at lanfestnw last weekend. It was a bag with pens, a tshirt that doesn't fit, a usb hub, a coaster, a beer cozy, a flashing bracelet, and some inflatable marketing material. Not that I go to these things for the prizes, but the most use I got out of that prize was dumping my stuff in the bag to carry to my car when I left.