Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9400 for 159 @ microcenter

It also doesn't help that their online inventory status doesn't refresh till the next day it seems.

Here's a tip for ALL MC shoppers - CALL the damn store you plan on shopping at, and find out what they really have. Don't just rely on the MC website. I learned that lesson from calling the Westmont store when I went to get my Q9400. Website said they had 20 in stock, guy I talked to said there were 38 in stock. I called to be sure that said 20 were STILL in stock, only to find out they had even more in reality.

I went through lots of hoops to get my Q9550. My store has been chronically OOS. I kept calling them to check on their latest shipment which never seem to include any Q9550. Finally went down to my store and asked to speak to the manager so that I could get a raincheck and was told that they didn't give rainchecks, but that I could put a full deposit down which I did. 2 days later I get a call saying my cpu came in even though earlier that day I was told that the shipment didn't include any Q9550's. All this time the online inventory said OOS. Another forum member here that I pm'd got his by just showing up and finding out that they were in stock but the inventory hadn't been updated. So these things come in and are sold out before they even get a chance to update their inventory. So I would just drop by and tell them you want to put a full deposit down on one so when they do come in, one is held for you. If they happen to actually have them in stock at the time, then all the better for you:D
dang, microcenter's 920 d0 price is simply amazing
too bad, theres none around me
I got a Q9400 from MC two days ago for $129,very very good deal for a qaud core cpu
I got a Q9400 from MC two days ago for $129,very very good deal for a qaud core cpu

That's insane. I thought I got a good deal when I bought mine for $179 earlier this year. At 3.5Ghz, it's at least as fast as my roommate's stock i7 920.
I got a Q9400 from MC two days ago for $129,very very good deal for a qaud core cpu

They didn't have that when I went this weekend - got the 9550 for $169, but I would have gone for the 9400 at that price.