Intel Blasts Qualcomm's Litigious Practices


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Mar 3, 2018
In a press release posted yesterday, Intel called Qualcomm a patent troll in all but name. The chip giant said that Qualcomm's previous lawsuits have been "found unlawful" all over the world, yet the company "continues to try to achieve the same results through a campaign of patent lawsuits." Intel has spoken out against Qualcomm before, and as the press release points out, they aren't the only company in Qualcomm's legal crosshairs. Apple has been fighting their own battle against Qualcomm in multiple countries, and they recently lost a case in China. Whether the allegations are true or not, there's a certain irony to Intel's accusations, as Intel has their own history of "aggressive and often questionable legal tactics to stifle competition."

Qualcomm's goal is not to vindicate its intellectual property rights, but rather to drive competition out of the market for premium modem chips, and to defend a business model that ultimately harms consumers. As we've noted before, in the last several years, Qualcomm has been fined nearly a billion dollars in China, $850 million in Korea, $1.2 billion by the European Commission and $773 million in Taiwan (later reduced in a settlement) for anti-competitive practices. Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission continues to pursue claims against Qualcomm in federal court for alleged violation of U.S. antitrust law.
You would think that Intel has bigger fish to fry at this moment ;) . But never the less when did Intel ever compete with Qualcomm.

But let us hope Intel digs in and goes to war with Qualcomm :)
Intel is just annoyed that they didn't think of this first, and are not in a position to do much of anything with phones with their weak radios and power hungry 60+nm CPUs.
If Intel was currently relevant, they would also be suing everyone instead of focusing on playing catchup.
Wonder if this has anything to do with the lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm? Intel supplies some of the iPhone chips and of course the CPU's in the Macs (for now...)
Qualcomm is a bit of a patent troll despite being a practicing entity.

They should never have been granted a patent on envelope tracking. It’s one of those “application patents” for something that was basically invented in the 1930s and 1940s.

Intel are a bunch of assholes, but Qualcomm has really hurt competition in a very real way with their modem shenanigans and earlier CDMA2000 patent situation.
Intel would know, so if Intel believes that Qualcomm is a patent troll, they are.