Intel Allegedly Playing Dirty To Undercut AMD’s Ryzen


Jun 21, 2016
Intel Allegedly Playing Dirty To Undercut AMD’s Ryzen

The editors-in-chief of two of America’s top PC hardware and technology publications have confirmed to Wccftech that they have indeed been approached by Intel regarding upcoming Ryzen reviews. Although both said that it was business as usual. Affirming that Intel’s response following AMD’s Ryzen announcement was what they had expected it to be and nothing was particularly unusual about it.

Intel is rattled with AMD Ryzen. Its 10-year old Nehalem CPU architecture that has been shrunk and incrementally updated over the years, is finally coming across as dated in the wake of AMD's "Zen" architecture. What to do when a competitor with 1/50th your R&D budget threatens to wreck your next annual appraisal? Play dirty and arm-twist the media of course! And playing dirty Intel is, according to a TweakTown report.

Apparently, Intel has scrambled its PR department to call in favors with the press in return for "guidelines" on how to review AMD Ryzen. Intel's PR emails allegedly ask reviewers to "call us before you write." The guidelines are worded more to make it sound like Intel wants its chips to be reviewed "fairly" against Ryzen, but the underlying objective is clear.
Well a decent reviewer I would suspect would post what Intel inform them of. Not if reviewers have not been reviewing for the most part a long time. I can't think of anything Intel could tell HardOCP that would change their testing methods and end results in the end. If Intel request a particular piece of well used software to be included, not some obscure no one uses benchmark then it maybe OK.
Maybe they just would like tests of the south bridge. I know I would like to see that. What is better, four PCIe lanes or DMI 3.0? I'm sure there is more to bring up for a fair review. This is a new platform, not just a CPU.
This is exactly why I only watch Youtube reviews of computer products. I know that there are some people who are going to be biased (Intel fans), but there are some reviewers who remain neutral. If these rumors were true that Intel has indeed contacted some of the more prominent reviewers, then I am going to lose respect for the company even if they make good processors. This is just a low-blow if this were the case. Instead of throwing dirt at AMD, they should concentrate their efforts in making their CPUs not only cost-effective but also affordable for the masses as well.
People are such victims for clickbait. Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Asus, MSI whatever all does it.