Intel 11700K - Gear 1 3600 vs Gear 2 3800?

Jan 3, 2009
I am trying to find some actual data on this but all I can find is that Gamers Nexus video. From what I have researched, what speeds you can run Gear 1 at vary depending on the CPU, Motherboard, and RAM... but for the most part most people seemed unable to push Gear 1 past 3600, and if you were to go with 3800 you would very likely have to run it in Gear 2.

So which would be more beneficial? Assuming the same CAS latency, would 3600 in Gear 1 or 3800 in Gear 2 perform better in gaming, video encoding, or rendering? Any idea how I would even try to compare different CAS latencies like 3600 CL18 vs 3800 CL16?


Feb 19, 2012
3600c17 is roughly equal to 3800c18 in latency.

A easy way to work out latency roughly is to divide the frequency and latency so
3200c16 = 200
3600c18 = 200
3600c16 = 225
3200c14 = 228
40000c15 = 266

My guess is gear 1 would be faster at 3600 vs 3800 gear 2 but if it could run say 4600 gear 2 that may be different.
3600 can usually be tuned to tighter timings than higher frequency which will give the lowest latency but higher frequency can bring more bandwidth.
Some programs prefer bandwidth while others prefer lateny and others that fit in the cache dont give a dam about RAM speed.


Limp Gawd
Jul 25, 2018
CAS latency is specified in clock ticks, so if you want the actual latency time, it's 1/freq * CL. Remember that the clock frequency for DDR is half the transfer rate; what is always (mis)labeled as MHz is actually MT/s, and the clock is half that. So, the clock for 3200 MT/s memory is 1600 MHz. (NOT 3200 MHz.)

3200CL16 = 1/1600 * 16 = 0.010 ms = 10 nanoseconds
3600CL18 = 1/1800 * 18 = 0.010 ms = 10 nanoseconds
3600CL16 = 1/1800 * 16 = 0.0888... ms = 8.9 nanoseconds
Jan 3, 2009
Yes, I know about the CAS latency mattering, and how a 3600 CL16 set would more or less be the same speed as a 3800 CL18 set.

I was more talking about the whole gear ratio thing, and how much it would matter for say, a 3600 CL18 set running in Gear 1 vs a 3800 CL18 set running in gear 2. And if it does matter, if 3600 CL18 in Gear 1 would still be running faster than 3800 CL16 in Gear 2.


Jan 31, 2003
Unless you're at like 4600 or higher stick to gear 1, gear 2 runs half speed memory controller and practically every board sucks at it except the evga dark.