Integrated and Prescott and mATX


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 21, 2001
I've got 3 choices. Actually, 4.

Intel i865G (P4P800-VM)
ATI RADEON 9100 IGP (Asus P4R800-VM)
SiS 661FX (Asus P4S800-MX)

Now I've always trust Intel's stuff. However, I'm not sure if the i865 chipset supports Prescott... therefore I'm not sure if it supports the Celery-D.

Hell... I'm not even sure if any of the above supports Prescott.... so I'm gonna throw in another option.

SiS 651 (Asus P4SP-MX)

From the place I'm buying from, that board is listed to support Prescott. Hell, even Asus' site supports Prescott, so Celery-D should be fine. However, this is an older chipset, which leads me to believe that the SiS661FX can support it....

That's why I'm here :) Help please!

//edit: Alright. After a quick google search for "Prescott" and the motherboard models I came across this useful site. Seems like all my motherboard choices are fine.

Now here's the question... since I will be using integrated EVERYTHING... I'm thinking Dual Channel would help immensely. That gives me the choice of the ATI or Intel chipset. I've always trusted Intel but it's a bit more expensive than ATI. Or I could just save some cash and go single channel.... SiS651. No gaming whatsoever. Thoughts?