Input on 11.6" Convertable Ultrabook?


Mar 9, 2001
Hey All,

Currently looking for a convertible ultra-book or split tablet for the wife - but I'm not finding a real consensus on what's decent out there.

At least Core i3 (no Atoms), pref i5
11.6" Touchscreen (may be able to swing 12.5" if it's incredible with thin bezel)
Convertible (either "twist", detach, or fold-over)
Upgradeable RAM/HDD would be a plus
Decent battery life
No leg-cooking heat issues (MS Surface Pro, etc)
Price isn't much of an issue, but sweet spot would be $800-$1200

Local B&M "computer" stores mostly carry ASUS products - currently I have an Asus UX32VD (Core i7, SSD) that I must say I'm not too impressed with - it seems extremely slow even compared my Core i3 Lenovo from work, and the screen has pretty bad flash-lighting. Asus support is also a massive disgrace IMO (took about a dozen phone calls and 8 weeks to do a screen replacement after mine got fried from an Intel driver update).

Your best bet are what I list below, buisness level machines. All will be ~12" screen (essentially the size of a sheet of paper), cost can get down that low if you can find discounts, most of the buisness level if you call them to order (DO NOT ORDER ONLINE), you can get a discount on them.

I personally have the HP 2740p, love it, and support when I had it was nothing short of fantastic, the following three are the big players in the convertible tablet game.

HP Elitebootk 2760p, or whatever its refresh ends up being
Lenovo x220t , again this or the refresh
Dell Latitude XT2, this is by not doubt refreshed by now
Also look at the Lenovo yogas (due for a Haswell refresh) and Dell XPS 12 (just got one). Both had pretty good reviews in their first generation. In particular the Dell scored well on design but not battery life, but Haswell is supposed to add about 2 and a half hours (as well as some performance gain).
I would go for the Lenovo Yoga 11S. Looks like a perfect combination what you are looking for w/o breaking the bank.
I would go for the Lenovo Yoga 11S. Looks like a perfect combination what you are looking for w/o breaking the bank.


the 11s really needs haswell, rather than an 11W ivybridge, but still a great product.
The problem with most , not saying all, consumer "convertibles" is the hinges are horrible, and eventually break. The reason to go business level, especially on a convertible, is the higher end build quality / better parts, this is just my opinion though ... I would still recommend the 2760p, x230t, or the Dell latitude offering (if they still have one), over even the Lenovo Yoga / Helix