Ingress (Google's Android ARG)


[H]F Junkie
Jan 1, 2007
Ingress is Google's new augmented reality game, where you go around capturing points of interest in the real world with an Android game.

Best non-hype description of the game is a post on xkcd, which reveals that the game's hidden agenda is crowdsourcing footpath availability data - that is, making Google's walking maps better.
Looks cool. Waiting for an invite from Ingress. I have a friend whose playing and even though we are in middle of nowhere, Northern Ontario, there are 1/2 dozen people playing so far.
I just got my invite and completed the tutorial levels. Not sure what I am supposed to do after that, though. I mean, unless there just aren't any 'portals' near me, which would pretty much break the purpose ofthe game.
Furthermore, what kind of beta doesn't have a way to send in issues etc?
Just started playing it, myself. It does cache local data, so you can get about 3/4 mile worth of walking space, it appears. Too friggin cold out here in Norcal to get far on foot though!
I uninstalled it after it wanted access to contacts and other things. No thanks