Ingress - burning up the data plan?


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 13, 2004
So there's Ingress for Android, a giant data mining game by Google.

Seems decent enough, though it's tough to get started as rookie since most areas are already populated by higher level players and lower levels can't do anything about it.

But ...., since most all of the gameplay happens outside of WiFi coverage I cannot help but wonder just how much data the game chews up. Any active Ingress players have some thoughts on this?
Is this the game where the girl flew to the north pole or some shit to break an attack on her and her friends?
No idea, already uninstalled. It's now dominated by people who work as delivery drivers and take all the points based on their daily routes. No real sense in getting into it anymore, nevermind the dataplan issue.
I haven't had a data issue although I am not a heavy player. I am on T-mobile with a 4g cap of 500mb. I could see it being an issue if you play every day for a couple hours though. I have never had an issue being outside wifi coverage for the most part either since most of the main groupings of portals tend to happen in cities(especially the art areas, downtowns etc).

If you are having issues though as a newbie start talking to people in your local network and ask for some help. This is a very social game and is designed to require teamwork. For example a level 8 portal is "generally" only created by having 8 - lvl 8 players post a lvl 8 resonator. If you have any other questions though feel free to shoot me a PM. I am not an expert but I have been playing for just over a year now although I am still only lvl 7. My play time in the last ~6months has fallen off a lot. Don't get discouraged by losing your portals or anything either. It really isn't that big of a deal and it is just more possibilities for you to have AP gain. The fun is when you get a small group together of friends and go out for an afternoon and wipe out as much as can :)