In-Skill Purchases Coming to Amazon Alexa Skills


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
All developers of Alexa skills are getting an early Christmas present from Amazon in the way of in-skill purchases. This gives all developers a nice way to monetize the skills they release and those of us that use Prime will get the best deals. So be ready to buy add-on packs for your skills from this point forward. I bet Alexa skill developers start raking in the cash just like all of those mobile app developers are with micro-transactions.

When in-skill purchasing is added to a voice application – Amazon calls these apps Alexa’s “skills” – customers can ask to shop the purchase suggestions offered, and then pay by voice using the payment information already associated with their Amazon account.
How about an Alexa ‘skill’ where people can angrily rant at Jeff Bezos about what an invasive twat Mark Zuckerberg is.
Can't say I've used any I'd pay for yet. I'm fine with developers making products and getting paid, but consumers need something good. This will probably start off a bunch of sound boards - Fartinator! (I should get busy...)
I have written a few skills playing around but didn't publish any as yet. It can be a decent amount of work to make a good skill.
These things are going to cause someone go bankrupt instantly or spend a lot of money and time returning unwanted things to Amazon.
They can kiss my stingy ass. This micropayment shit is outta whack and I'm tired of it.

And it ain't so fucking Micro.

I have like 6 Alexa's. I'll throw every fucking one of them out the window and buy an Apple if this shit gets out of hand.
Micro is the future, people eat it up and ask for more. They defend it all day with "OH but you don't HAVE to, you don't NEED to, you can just CHOOSE not to." It's happening because these same defenders claim they won't spend $5 on that crap turn around and buy 10 pieces of crap at a $1 a pop all in the same breath.