Image shapening of security cam?


Oct 17, 2005

So I know this is going to sound stupid and I know it's not like CSI or any of that garbage, but a very expensive violin was stolen and these are the images from the security cameras of the guy that is suspected to have taken it. Anything at all that can be done to make it easier to view by the human eye?

Crappy low-res images, I don't think anything can be done but just figured I'd see what's up. Thanks guys.
i would advice to replace existing cameras (or at least the main entrance and register) with cameras that have higher amount of TV Lines, and increase recording quality on that camera to D1. ;) but this is a common issue we encounter at work... i work for a company that manufactures/sells security cams :p problem is if it was recorded fuzzy, it will stay fuzzy, no hidden pixels or anything...

besides sharpening and messing with it you can still see so much...
but it's an improvement i guess...


last thing, from the white foggy areas... clean the lens of the camera with a microfiber cloth and non abrasive lens cleaner (lcd screen cleaner should also work)
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Nice necro going on here, but as an update they did catch the guy. It was a $20,000 violin or something like that.