I'm thinking with single processors having lots of cores now


[H]ard DCOTM x2
Jan 1, 2014
this is a rare and super niche area of hobbyist computing.

The SLI of CPU's but for different reasons.

I was looking at another 2P to replace mine but settled on a TR instead.
I hear less and less people that are into computers users a dual cpu setup for anything. Servers is about the only place with a beefy home server or Enterprise class at some employer.
Dual xeons for home server. TR for crunching. Yeah...I get the feeling it's going the way of SLI.

...unless you need a boat load of memory lanes.
The dual systems such as my 20 core setup were a lot more common in the home from buying old server gear that isn't as power efficient. Threadripper has pretty much beat that scenario out in performance,power, and cost. It is tough to justify the old heavy dual workstations. The other issue is the core counts are getting so high that there isn't a home use scenario where I need 64 cores or more.