I'm looking for your help in finding a modern 42"+ 1080p monitor/tv


Limp Gawd
Dec 6, 2003
I've been digging around google for hours trying to find a good, cheap monitor that fulfills these requirements:

1920x1080 native resolution
8 ms pixel response time or below
1+ DVI input (omg this feature is so rare!! why is that??) OR 1+ VGA (if and only if it can support 1:1 1920x1080 through VGA)
1000+:1 contrast ratio
500+ brightness
42" or higher

I know a Westinghouse LV42W2 fits the bill perfectly and that was why I bought one a while ago, but it was stolen so I'm looking for a modern replacement. The level of blacks on that monitor still could not compare to a cheap CRT TV when watching videos/anime. If there simply isn't another monitor out there that meets my requirements then I'll just have to get another LV42W2, but hopefully with you guys' expert help there might be a true upgrade from the LV42W2.

Thank you in advance, good hunting.
also if you liked the LVM 42 they have the new TX 42" TV Best Buy has them for about 1200 bux at the moment.
I have both the LVM 42 and the new TX 42. Better blacks on the TX and 4HDMI inputs, but both are great choices.