I'm looking at the Pursuit Ergonomic Chair, need some opinions

Apr 22, 2020
First off, hello everyone, I found this place thanks to google. I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy time.
I've been mercilessly searching for information on this chair, and came across this thread, but unfortunately the link inside to the review wont load the page for me, just to the home page I go

Just to be clear, this is the chair I'm talking about. I did watch the video on youtube of the unboxing and initial impressions, but I reallllllly don't want to pull the trigger until I know about the seat cushion, which I just can't find a concrete answer on.

For reference, I'm 5'8" 210 lbs, so I think my height can cooperate with the chair. It looks really sweet, and with my current posture problems in this terrible chair I currently sit in, I'm at least hoping to enjoy sitting at the computer the slightest again.

I was considering the Ergo Chair 2, but the reports of the lumbar support being a little too much, and the seat cushion not being the best has kinda turned me away.

I look forward to hearing peoples experience with either of these chairs really, but I'm dying to know about the pursuit
Way late to this conversation, but if you're still checking in, I bought this chair in November 2018 based on Kyle's review.

Easily adjustable
Comfort - I was working 12 hour days for 6 weeks straight at the start of the COVID pandemic. Never had any issues with numbness or discomfort
Super easy to assemble
Durable - doesn't show any wear and the seat cushion is like new.
Relatively cheap and free shipping

I do wish the arm rests were longer

Note, I'm 5'9" and 180. Your results may vary.