iHBS112-04 Blu-Ray Burner LTH media support


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 30, 2002
Seems like this may be a long shot since this subforum isn't very active but I recently bought the iHBS112-04 (Newegg Link) and (Lite-On site Link) but have found very little information on the actual support for LTH media. I've found on various forums people mentioning both that LTH does not work and also that it does. Of course this depends on the latest firmware but it does not even indicate this on their website. Can anyone confirm/deny LTH support and provide some proof?

I personally have had nothing but trouble with lth media, and prefer to spend a little more on standard inorganic dye bd-r's. In any case, there is a discussion on this topic here: http://www.myce.com/review/liteon-ihbs112-bd-rewriter-review-32890/

are you implying that LTH disks use organic dyes? and non-LTH use inorganic? i wasn't aware of that..

edit: found this confirming that.. i guess i will stick with the old format to reduce the chance of problems thanks!