Ifi Zen Dac Amp v2


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Jun 7, 2008

Is this thing any good? Z Reviews had it as his most recommended product a year ago I guess it's good for gaming.
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I picked one up I never bought this type of stuff before unless you count the few Soundblaster cards I picked up. Should be here tomorrow ordered from World Wide Audio off Amazon they had the fastest shipping. I only have 5 sets of headphones gave away like 3 sets to my Nephews which I have 3 of but they were really dated headphones. I still own x3 sets of Cloud Alphas one set of Razer Blacksharks which sound like ass and one set of Senns Jubilees which are good but don't like them for games. Just don't like the pads on them never thought of replacing them. I might pick up the latest Headphones or nothing at all if this Amp sounds really good like Zeos says.
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I tired hooking this up with both Speakers and Headphones I think I'll just use it for Speakers cause my Onboard is good enough. I fired up a few games the last game just a few minutes ago was Warhammer Darktide. With the Bass off and the Power Match button off I could hear my character digging his foot into ground it's that clean otherwise I could never hear that in a game. You know that airy feel you get with some headphones sometimes you can feel the sound in your eardrum you get that all the time with these are that tuned in.
Be carefull though because if you accidently turn the volume knob up too high might damage your ears it's pretty safe with the Bass and Power Match button off though.

I'm probably the least qualified person to review this but it's pretty good I didn't think a USB connection would be that good but I guess it's good as anything.

I tired my Senns which are better but I don't really like the feel of them on my head so my Hyper X Alphas are going to me my main drivers.
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I would like a set of Focal Headphone might get some used ones off eBay they are like 700.00 on drop way too much for something that might fail.

Picked up some longer cables for this thing off Amazon.
I have a iFi Black Label Headphone DAC the past three years. I've enjoyed it. Plenty of power. Good customer service too.
I have a audio RCA cable in the mail going to see how this works with my Edifiers the cable included was a foot long think this is four feet.
I tried this with a longer RCA cable just not as good as my on board it would work if the port went bad I like the fact I'm not wearing out the audio ports on my case I unplug them alot. I ruined my Cooler master Enforcer case already ports twice front bad front audio ports. I even had a backup front panel.

I just need to get my hands on some good headphones I have Seems but hate them because they don't do anything for me reason why I'm looking at Focals.
I'm done with Headphone Amps the problem is you turn it up then you forget it's turned up them Bam it's The front Row of Metallica blowing your ear drums out. My ears have been ringing for a few weeks now hell them might be damaged. Sticking to onboard and the Maswell that uses USB.

Update: going to use it again this time I have it directly in front of my monitor so I can see the dial knob. Before I had it on my PC used an extension USB A to USB B connector which is longer than stock cable.
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