i7 2600k giveaway & more registration thread

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Just got my SMP client running... Have cpu and gpu clients running on everything I have now!
im back
Let's see if I did this right. It took me a few tries.


e8500, evga 750i ftw, 4gb corsair dominator ddr2 1600, 3 300gb velociraptors(not in raid), xfx gtx9800+ and xfx gts 250 in sli, sunbeam core contact cooler, corsair hx 750w psu, sceptre 24" 1900x1200 monitor, saitek eclipse II keyboard, logitech g5 mouse, wolfking warrior gamepad, thermaltake armor+ vh6000bws full tower case, audio technica ath-ad700 headphones, dual booting windows 7 pro 64 bit and windows xp pro 32 bit
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Not open for further replies.