i7 2600k giveaway & more registration thread

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Here we go!

really have no idea whether or not i'll be able to make the reqs but i'll give it a try.

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Been an inactive member for years (my own protein research got in the way) but it is time to give it another go

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I'll try, can't guarantee PPD at all though.

Hehehehe............I never win anything............but I fold on anyway and will continue, win-lose-or draw.

I will use this equipment to supplement my GPU folding, no doubt.:D

Hoping this works. Had to shut everything down the day I started over problem with house. It is all coming back up now.

Got 2 clients back up and running on one machine. One on the CPU and one on the GPU...lets kick this pig team 33!!!!

I pledge to run this as a 24x7 unit for the benefit of the [H]orde and mankind ;)

Not open for further replies.