i7 2600k giveaway & more registration thread

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might be hard for me to make eligibility requirements with my desktop being in shipping, but I will try.

What the heck. Count me in, but give it to the next person below me if I win.

Alright I'm in.

I normally don't fold but do other DC but for a 2600k I'm in.

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I'm in the rebuilding stage...the 2600K would fit right in....my PPD will be back up in a week or 2

I'll bet you a new H-50 and a new 1TB HDD for the next contest that I don't win this one. ;)

I was waiting on getting a 4x120mm radiator and making the jump to full watercooling before resuming 24/7 folding, but you guys suck me back in, haha.

btw my B-day is June 10th, *wink*, *wink* :p


In for the fun, out because KommyKast will kick my arse!
Yes, please. I'll sell off most of my current rig to pay for the electricity to run the new one!

Not open for further replies.