I suck at photoshop, help me?

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Dec 8, 2009
First thread in this section, sweet!

I want to splice some photos from different angles to show the hardware (titanium rods) in my back in non X-Ray pictures...basically blend X-Ray with non X-Ray. I suck with photo shop, anyone that isn't too busy willing to help by either doing it for me or telling me how I can do this in photoshop? 1000internets for help, I have some sweet spinal X-Rays you'll get to see! :D
Open the X-ray, then drag the second photo into Photoshop with it open. Resize then click the tick on the par at the top. On the layers panel in the bottom right adjust the opacity (top right of this panel) down a bit, then line it up?
This isn't the first thread. Change the display options at the bottom of the forum page. Select "Beginning" under the "From The" heading.... ta da.

Additionally, gotta post the pictures before someone could do it for ya.
Sorry, I got swamped with work the last few days and have obviously been MIA. I ended up finding someone at work that could do it for me though so I don't need the assistance anymore! Thanks for the willingness to help though! :)
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