I have a question for you experienced LightScribe users


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Dec 13, 2010
So, I want to backup my PS2 games to DVD discs, but there's one problem: I am anal about labeling my discs. I would like to label them meticulously, with several lines of information. For example, this is how I'd like to label a disc. My example is going to be GranTurismo 4

GranTurismo 4 (at the top of the disc)

Rating: Everyone
Region: 1
ID: SCUS-97328
Video: 480p, 1080i
Audio: Dolby ProLogic II
Notes: Compressed to DVD-5

PS2 (at the bottom of the disc)

Do you think I could fit all this info onto a Lightscribe disc? (while still having a readable font size)

Thanks guys.
No problem, you might want to consolidate the vid and aud lines into 1 and rating and ragion into 1 so you can have larger fonts
Ya the font size needs to be a little bigger then normal on lightscribe (in my opinion). Just due to the nature of how it is the font is not very crisp (at least compared to a printer), so you can't get too small on the font size.

But they are very convienent!
Yeah, and you don't have to worry about paper labels heating up and warping the disk. I had seen that happen often in the past, one of the reasons I first went to inkjet printable (which I still use when I want to lay down a full face graphic label) or a burn. I use lightscribe when I just want a quick, basic label.
Great, now I have to do the "want" vs. "need" calculation. I just remembered that my main computer doesn't have LightScribe, only my old P4 1.7 GHz rig down in the storage has one. I would have to take all the game files and move them over to that computer somehow, or rip the games again. That'll be a pain. Decisions, decisions...

Well, thanks guys for answering my questions. I'll just have to think about this one.
Thank you for your input. Yes, I saw the Lite-On iHAS-424 on Amazon for $25 shipped and I was contemplating that one, but I don't have any use for my current iHAS-124 if I take it out of my computer. Spending $25 to gain LightScribe capability is a little pointless in my book. I have better ways to spend $25.

Well, thanks again for your help with the text you guys, I'm going to Office Depot over the next few days where I'll hopefully get a good deal on a cake box of recordable DVDs.

Take care all! :D