I did it good to myself this time!!


Limp Gawd
Jan 15, 2019
so i setup a new mb asus 670 e-e and new cpu 7950x3d but still using my hard drives m.2 from last mb, so there was a bios update and it said that like it was an important one if u using the new 3d cpu so i did the bios update all went well till she booted to the desktop!!! all my icons to open my programs do not work all web sites that were linked and passwords all gone what a night mare, so i go look and i do not see my second m.2 drive is this from the bios not seeing the second drive do i need to change a setting in there or is this a windows issue? thanks
omg!!!! wow so dumb i am so just after i posted above i went into the bios to see what was going on so the bios update switched the boot order and i was starting up in drive 2 my backup drive thats why i did not see anything so i switched it and all is back to normal!!!