I Am Setsuna


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Apr 10, 2003
I Am Setsuna. An ode to ChronoTrigger and other RPGs like it. July 19, 2016.
Square Enix’s I Am Setsuna western release date set

Official website.
I Am Setsuna


I like where this seems to be heading. Gonna keep an eye on it and pounce on it as soon as possible. Loved me some chrono trigger.
Looks ok, but I have doubts about anything from Square these days.
I saw this a while ago and forgot about it

I hope this rules and doesn't just ride the NOSTALGIA HYPE TRAIN straight into the ground
As much as I liked Chrono Trigger.... I can't ....... really get interested in this... am I missing something?

HAHA, I was typing this as listen to CT's OST.
This game does look cool, but man oh man my game back log is so big now lol, Not just Steam, have many on GOG, and a bunch of JRPG's for PS3 I bought this past year cause they were cheap, lol, Even moded my PS3 so i can play Tales of Vesperia with the Eng Sub.

But still this game does look cool haha
This is a fun game that has RPG dialogue like real people haven't seen that in a while except for Divinity Original Sin.
Saves are funky like old school you can only save in the overworld or saves spots. The big monsters are the fun part of the game