Hybris physx Q- HD7870 + ?


Jun 7, 2013
Hi Guys,

I am planning to build a Hybrid Physx setup, I have the following rig:

1. AMD fx-4100
2. MSI 890GXM-g65
3. XFX HD 7870 2 GB Dual Dissipation
4. 600 W cooler master elite power
5. 4 Gigs of Corsair RAM 1333 Mhz
6. I need an nVidia card and cant decide on what ..

My queries:
1. My mobo runs the pci-e lanes at x8 / x8 if 2 cards are inserted. I cannot change my mobo, will there be any performance issues?
2. I cannot have the new card with external power from PSU. dont have more power room left, Either i will have to buy a molex to pcie power converter [if they are good and actually work]

Please advice on how to proceed with this ..
No issues at 8X used to run it like that on x58

I use the gt640 currently no plug required and it is quiet and cool
ok great !

But is my system Ok to have hybrid Physx .. I mean is the hybrid physx setup dependent on specific hardware or we just need a motherboard with 2 PCIe slots
you just need a motherboard with 2 x16 physical slots. the software will run with any config as long as you have an AMD and NV gpu.

good luck :)

I will buy a GT 640 [a bit costly though].. and see how it performs in Metro 2033 and Mirror's Edge..
1) there will be no detriment or benefit, if you're playing a game with no physx, it won't be in use and won't take away from the main card

2) very general question, but the main side effect is using more power, you will be powering the card, and it will add to your watt total.
beware that is a dual slot card if you have a power supply below it make sure you have room
Will 600 Watts supply be enough for both the cards??

1. XFX HD 7870 2 GB ghost edition
2. Nvidia GT 640
More important read the 12v rail amp rating 30A total should be safe on overrated supply
I have a cooler master extreme power 600 Watts PSU, is it OK? Or should I get a new one??
I have a cooler master extreme power 600 Watts PSU, is it OK? Or should I get a new one??

if it were me, i'd be putting money into a new PSU before getting a PhysX card.

i did see one review of a later version of that model that went out of 12v spec at 450w (which is really bad, could damage components bad).

get one with at least an 80+ bronze rating and a single 12v rail, probably around 500 watts or so. You'll be much better off.

I am by no means an expert, and would recommend you post in the Power Supplies section HERE.
OK, but the zotac GT 340 takes power from the motherboard.. will it still pose a threat ?
i think the max a video card can take from the board is like 75w, so it would be safer than buying a card that has an external connection. i have a gt430 with a 6950 and use High physx on BL2 just fine :)
I DID IT! ..

Yes, got the GT640 with 384 cores, and there is no more slowdown in Mirror's Edge when the glass start to shatter !! .. However there is a minor pause in the game when some physx loads, maybe due the fact of slower memory of GT640, is there any way of overclocking the nVidia card?
i think it was ngo's forums that have the tweak settings to fix that
Its OK, Hybrid Physx is too finicky and I should mess with it once it is working fine.. :)
So hybrid physx is like the best of both world? using ATI for computing and nvidia for physx?
http://download1.msi.com/files/downloads/uti_exe/vga/MSIAfterburnerSetup300Beta12.zip is how to OC and unOC, I would just pop the card back out when you are done playing any PhysX games.

It's a way to save money since nVidia is overpriced for their performance (they have a $1000 "Titan" if that tells you anything!) so buy a cheap GTX260-216core or something, it is only needed/will only work until PhysX3 games come out, anyway!

Something has happened, my motherboard is no longer booting, I press the power button and nothing happens.. I tries checking everything else works fine.. Did hybrid physx blew my mobo ??

- Rama
Sorry To necro an old thread but (just for closing puposes) - it turned out to be the Mobo... got it replaced and sold it.. too finicky... would go for an intel build always.. I dont know why but my experience with AMD has not been so good.. :(