Hybrid PhysX Latest Drivers (ATi+nVidia) now FluidMark1.4+ works finally!


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Well, there are no games with PhysX v3 planned to come out yet, it seems even looking up to a year from now, so if you want to play Batman2 or the upcoming BorderLands2 (Red Orchestra2 and Hitman5 are CPU-only apparently) that are all on v2 you will need it.

Plus, by the time PhysX v3 games come out, maybe they will be so CPU-intensive that it won't run smoothly anymore.

Anyway the download link above only supports Hybrid PhysX for v2. It is too hard to hack v3 so far, and no incentive yet since the games aren't out/planned and the demos that are work fine without hardware acceleration.

Project Cars from Slightly Mad Studios uses PhysX 3.2 as of right now. The game won't officially launch until next year though. At this point in the game's development I believe it only uses CPU PhysX but later on they may incorporate GPU PhysX.

I have a BFG 8800GT sitting in my closet collecting dust. Maybe I'll give this a shot for BL2...
I'm having trouble using the hybridiz method.
cat. 12.11 drivers, nvidia 306.97, physx software 9.12.0613, and fluidmark 1.5

what order do I need to load drivers.
current the nvidia control panel crashes

I'm having the same problem

I have a 6950 a g650
Don't install 310.90 Nvidia drivers. They will make your AMD card flash your screens over and over regardless of if you have Hybrid PhysX running or not.
yeah, i usually just update/install the nv drivers with what the hybrid physx mod says to install, they usually have a direct download for the proper nv driver.
Does it matter in what order the cards are installed on the mobo?

Slot 1 (x16) Radeon 6970
Slot 2 (x8) GTX 260
Slot 3 (x16) Radeon 6970

I can't get this working, nvidia CP dissappears from rightclick after hybriize.exe and crashes in winCP, gpu-z detects the gtx260, fluidmark says
the gtx260 is GPU-1, but can't choose GPU physx anywhere. What's up...?

Catalyst 12.11b11, CAP 12, NV 310.70

EDIT: I also have one monitor connected to radeon 1 and the other to gtx260... does this matter at all?
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the patch is working great for me howeveer i just can't get the nvidia control panel or afterburner to OC or monitor the physx card
Ok, so I basically gave up on this. There's just too much weird shit going on that i can't
sort out. It's too bad 'cause I think it's a cool idea and seems to be working for many ppl.

I bought a gtx260 and a new AX1200 just for this :D
The main problem I think is in what order the cards are installed on the PCIe slots. If I have to rearrange
the cards I'd lose x16 speed for the crossfire setup...not worth it imo. So the next step for me would be
Z77 mobo and a 3770k. Maybe then PhysX would work alot better considering my AMD 1100T is worthless in that aspect.

Don't use hook a monitor to the 260. I was running Hybrid PhysX until a couple days ago with one 7950 and it worked as advertised. Nephew is going to build a PC for his sister and wanted the Asus 570 back. For Borderlands 2 I followed the instructions in post number 21 of this thread for a simplified version of what to do. Still read what the OP linked in post one.
For people having trouble:
1. don't forget to delete PhysXDevice.dll in the game dir
2. You don't need to run 1.05ff ever
3. the panel is unnecessary, won't work without a monitor plugged into the PPU, start the nvidia windows service to access (or set to auto-start) Hybridiz sets to disable since most won't have monitor on PPU and thus panel would be useless
4. 310.90 should work
5.Read the NGO post, it has the best instructions.
6. To reset and start over, run PreHybrd.exe and delete the HKLM\Software\AGEIA and Wow6432Node\AGEIA registry keys
So is this a game specific "hack"? I'm playing hawken currently (playhawken.com) and they'll be having some sweet lookin physx support in the near (hopefully) future. If I jump through all these hoops, will I see benefit?

I read the entire thread, my apologies, I'm not very tech savvy. I don't really understand what's going on lol.

P6t delux v2
I7 920
6gig ddr3

Gtx285 sitting in a box (works perfectly, just replaced with 7870 due to turkey day sale)

Edit: finishing up a reformat right now, so what better time to try this, if it'll be worth it with hawken
Yes, that vid is what got me interested I. Trying this. Just wanted to make sure that it didn't only work with particular games, seeing as most people talk about using it for borderlands 2. But if it will work with hawken, ill probably give it a shot :)

I need to know this as well.
Yes, it works for every game, in the Hawken game directory near the .EXE you need to remove

1. NxCooking*
2. cuda*
3. PhysX* (except PhysXExtensions.dll)

Then run:
1. PreHybrd.exe
2. "Repair" install PhysX.MSI in the Forceware extraction folder
3. Right-Click "Run as Admin" Hybridiz.exe

Every future time you install ForceWare you need to redo step#3 only
Yes, it works for every game, in the Hawken game directory near the .EXE you need to remove

1. NxCooking*
2. cuda*
3. PhysX* (except PhysXExtensions.dll)

Then run:
1. PreHybrd.exe
2. "Repair" install PhysX.MSI in the Forceware extraction folder
3. Right-Click "Run as Admin" Hybridiz.exe

Every future time you install ForceWare you need to redo step#3 only

With the newest version of Hawken I can't get this to work, Hawken has a file checker built into it apparently and won't start unless all physx files are there (except PhysxDevice.dll) even if I remove the PhysxDevice.dll it still wont use my physx card at all. Any Ideas?
Did you try replacing PhysXDevice.dll from ProgFiles dir? Since you said that doesn't filecheck and that is the only Hybrid relevant file (the others are removed for performance purposes)
Hi, P10-17000.

I am trying to configure Hawken too. I used Hybridiz to allow Fluidmark 1.5.0 to use the GT640 but no luck with Hawken so far.

I replaced
C:\Program Files (x86)\MeteorEntertainment\Hawken\InstalledHawkenFiles\Binaries\Win32\PhysXDevice.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common\PhysXDevice.dll

After using GPU-Z to watch a load of zero on the GT640 and Windows Task Manager to watch CPU usage head toward 100% in a furball, I conclude that the GT640 is not running any of the Hawken PhysX on my system that has the AMD 7870 XT + Nvidia GT640.
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PhysXInfo said:
"to get Hybrids working, since as engine .dll replacements, are not working in case of Hawken, since the game is checking its files for consistency every launch"

It doesn't check PhysXDevice.dll(the relevant file --delete and it runs/stays gone) So it is similar to BorderLands2 in that it has unique-to-this-game code in PhysXCore.dll that prevents hybrids specifically. However, unlike BorderLands2(whose PhysXCore custom disables all dedicated GPUs, even NVidia-only setups incidentally --from testing) it is an MMO so you can't delete files from an online-type game that replaces them.

Try this:

What version is the PhysXCore.dll? Get the same version from \Engine and set read-only or if that doesn't work (prog removes attribute), then ACL it to uncheck modify for each user in the list. Does it crash or error out with anti-cheat upon a server-join?
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Just Like BorderLands2 they made a custom block programmed into PhysXCore.dll:
[0000.26] Log: PhysX GPU Support: ENABLED
[0003.61] Log: Primary PhysX scene will be in software.
But it won't let you delete or replace that file or it won't load. This is because it is an online-only type game. BorderLands2 let's you delete it. They both let you do the required delete of PhysXDevice.dll

I don't think PPU acceleration is needed as the usage in not hardcore, it runs fine on a QuadCore.