Huge Tesla leak: A Tesla employee gave more than 100GB of data to Germany


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Dec 19, 2005

"For each incident there are key points for the "technical review". The employees who enter this review into the system regularly make it clear that the report is intended for "internal use only". Each entry also contains the note in bold type that information, if at all, may only be passed on "VERBALLY to the customer".

"Do not copy the report below into an email, text message or leave it in a voicemail to the customer," it continues. Vehicle data should also not be released without permission. If, despite the advice, "a legal involvement cannot be prevented", this must be recorded.

Customers that Handelsblatt spoke to have the impression that Tesla employees avoid written communication. "They never sent emails, everything was always oral," says the doctor from California, whose Tesla said it accelerated on its own in the fall of 2021 and crashed into two concrete pillars."


Always love it when data for YOUR CAR is blocked by said company and you have no legal right to it (largely because it's behind some level of encryption). Toyota also guilty of this when they had similar acceleration issues some years back, they have "black boxes" in their cars but like the only person who can give access to it is like the some vice president of Toyota in charge of the North American market... so like never gonna happen. Even though all this information could help clear up he said/she said cases in many accidents and what not, nope you're not getting the decryption key to that data.
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