HTPC Micro- Less than 2L of Ryzen STX

Sep 4, 2018
Following my previous project (the HTPC One), I realized I personally wanted smaller.

The goal was to use the HDPlex 80W with The Shappire FS-FP5V for a small >2L flexible thin client.

The goal is to use this for local renders/simulations that my laptop cannot handle.

I'm getting the board from lhl on the SFF Forum, some cabling and short c14 connector, and the HDPlex 80W from KMPKT.

I'm making this for me, but I'd gladly welcome more being bought (to lower costs).

If enough people are interested, I'll bulk order some of the boards, and also have an option for a bar bones system:

Power Switch (Josh | NFC's)
Short C14 connector (presoldered for hdplex 80w)
and the board- either the 1605B or the 1807B board

I'll also do a complete build for price of components+shipping but I wouldn't expect people to take me up on that, especially here.

Pricing- is going to be sorted out once I have a good model.

The goal is not really selling, so I'm not focusing on that. But there may be a few that want a case or a barbones system.


Basic CAD Model
Located a board
ordered connectors
Mobo, ram, ssd, and some other goodies on their way.

This thread originated on the SFF Forum.

Behold it in all of its "Windfall is bad at renders" glory...
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Is that board compliant with the actual stx form factor? Iirc stx was a joint venture which Intel was part of so I doubt amd/partners can say it's "stx" because Intel. Personally I'd love to see thin mini itx Ryzen boards. Ideally for socketed cpu's rather than embedded.

This is a super cool project though. Amd hasn't gotten much sff attention for years. Their old architecture was too hot and power hungry but now with Ryzen being so great, it's about time.