HTML and XML editor

Another vote for Sublime. It's pretty awesome once you get it set up with packages that suit your workflow.
I also like Sublime. Aside from its plugin library, it's written in C++ so it tends to run faster than other IDEs written in Java.

I haven't used Notepad++ much but do remember it having an easy learning curve. I'm not sure how well it scales beyond being a simple editor though; but if that's all you need, I'd give it a try.
When you begin to discover the hotkeys in Sublime, it's like a revelation.
Have you tried Sublime or do you have a preference between Atom and Sublime?

I haven't tried out Sublime as yet so I can't give you a preference between those two. Though, from all the recommendations I've seen from devs for Sublime, it seems to be well worth an install to check out thoroughly.

Note that my use of these tools is more for hobbies/study than professional coding. I'm not that leet.:eek:
Atom, if you're looking for an editor with lots of functionalities but rarely fails.
SciTe, if you're looking for something as simple as it gets.
Do you guys have any more suggestions or endorsements for editors already mentioned here? This thread is great.
Do you guys have any more suggestions or endorsements for editors already mentioned here? This thread is great.

I'm writing some PHP/HTML/JS/CSS/TPL under Windows currently. I really dig notepad++. I don't use any plugins at this point. I used to use Bluefish under Linux, but Notepad++ seems snappier and has better (IMHO) syntax colouring. Has tabs, has auto-complete, has macros. So far I'm prefering it to a real IDE. Rocking HTML5 boilerplate, Smarty, Xampp, and all is well.
I like Atom and Notepad++. But for different things. Notepad++ is good for general purpose editing while Atom is good if you're coding something and don't want to use a whole IDE. The file browser makes it a sort of IDE-lite. I use it primarily when I'm writing node.js. Funnily enough I didn't actually realize it was available for Windows, I've been using it in Linux.

If I want an IDE I tend to use eclipse or visual studio (mostly depending on the OS I'm running). Visual Studio now supports almost everything, including node.js and PhoneGap.
For ultra lightweight, I use Winsyntax. Its brutally simple and ANCIENT but still works even on win10. Use it for quick edits even as a notepad replacement.

I've started using Geany for larger more involved projects.