HTC VIVEPORT Subscription Service Adds Oculus Rift Support


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
The HTC VIVEPORT has been an exclusive monthly subscription service for VR aficionados who own the HTC VIVE HMD. Now the HTC VIVEPORT subscription service has added Oculus Rift support for certain games. This move makes sense as most VR titles on Steam support the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift HMDs. Hopefully in the future we will see Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) support added.

Adding support for Oculus Rift doubles the potential audience for all Viveport published titles, and opens Viveport Subscription -- the best value in VR -- to Oculus Rift consumers. Viveport Subscription allows subscribers to experience up to five titles at a time, starting with a free 14-day trial, and continuing after that with one low monthly price.
cant wait for tomorrow.. got a HTC Vive pro sitting in the box waiting for me to set it up