HTC One X usb drivers..


Jun 12, 2007
Anyone know where I can find working USB drivers for win7 64 for this phone? I've tried everywhere, HTC sync, various forums. Basically the phone works as a mass storage device but I cannot connect to it with ADB. Device manager always states it cannot find drivers for my device. Just lists it as "HTC".

I'm running the latest Cyanogen release candidate.
Ummm.... have you enabled USB Debugging on the phone? If you don't, the phone won't be open to ADB connections.

1. Go to Settings -> About Phone
2. Tap the build number repeatedly until the phone tells you that developer options have been unlocked, "Congratulations! You're now a developer!" I think is what it says.
3. Now you'll have a developer options menu in Settings... go into it and check the option next to USB Debugging.

Here are 64-bit Windows drivers drivers for the HTC One series phones.
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Yup, USB debugging is enabled.

I tried the link you provided already. Browsed from device manager. Just says "windows cannot find drivers for you device". I have connected to ADB previously when unlocking the phone, but nothing I've tried recently seems to work.

you need to install some htc drivers and adb for it to work. easiest way is to install htc sync, then install the android sdk.