HPZ420 with Xeon E5-1650 V2 -Any one else use this for gaming?


Limp Gawd
Oct 9, 2020
Hello All,
I have been using an HPz420 with a Xeon E5-1650V2. Although a bit dated, I am still using a Nvidia 1050 TI 4 GB video card.

Although, I would love to get a whole new system, I am more of a budget minded gamer. Besides upgrading to a Geforce 1650 Super, I really think I am going to keep this rig going.

Any one else game with a Xeon E5-1650 V2? Anything you have done to improve its specifications?
Not a 1650v2 but may be in the same boat depending on if i update my T5610 with dual 8 core CPU's but depends the max video card I can put in it. Depends what res you game at, 1080p - your likely going to start being CPU bound, 1440p + - maybe not so much
I really need to upgrade the card, but I took a look at my powers supply and and it appears I only have 6 pin power connector.

I looked at some videos and it appears you can upgrade using a different power supply using a 24 PIN to 18 Pin connector. I heard the mile may very depending on the connector but I am going to give it a shot. I really would like to get 8 PIN connectors for upgrading the Video card.

I think I am also going to put this on an open case / lab case that I have laying around as I really don't want to modify the current HPz420 case. I guess we will see.