HP W2207 or Acer x241wd


Limp Gawd
May 24, 2007

Im getting ready to purchase a new monitor. i have been looking at the HP W2207 but have recently found a way to get the acer 24" x241wd for the same price. I realize the acer is a tn panel 24" but the HP is a tn panel as well. Im wandering which way to go. Ive heard the stand on the HP is a bit wobbly which is a concern and the brightview coating isnt super important to me. Im leaning towards the acer for the 3 year warranty and the fact that its a 24" since i do web devolpment the extra real estate could come in handy. What are your opinons?
my motto is "bigger is better" i have a w2207 and would go bigger in a heartbeat. but i didn't have it in my budget to get a 24" so i'm stuck with this 22":(
24" LCDs have a higher native resolution which will make everything smaller. While you can turn on large fonts or run at a non-native resolution, neither of those options are ideal.

I'm surprised more people don't take native resolution text size into consideration when judging LCD monitors.