HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, VA panel

Mine came in. Took a bit. First let me say that its everything I expect and then some. Sense I moved from a 32" Hitachi TV to a legit monitor much less this one. They are nearly a world apart. Anyone on the fence should put it at the top of the list of upgrades. That is if they are looking for the most bang for the buck visual upgrade money can buy.
Mine tilts left and right too. If I push it it can go either way. I don't know if it supposed to do that or it's just not in all the way. I can't get it to go in any further or click or anything

It shouldnot tilt left and right. Mine is solid that way - it only tilts forward back. I would try to reinsert the mount.
If anyone can lower their contrast and put on a gray screen, this is what I see. Its noticeable when you adjust contrast though. Not as noticeable on the other colors but very noticeable on Hardforum.

Archaea , didn't know if you saw this yet or not.

No I missed this - hadn't checked the thread in a while.

here's mine at 0 contrast on a gray screen in ms paint.
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be nit picking on? ;)

I have been running my brightness at 50% and my contrast at 80% and I can't see a thing wrong with this display in normal use after 136 hours of use (according to the backlight info - - my monitor is turned off when not in use). If I'm supposed to be looking for problems by turning the contrast down to 0% (something I would never do for actual use) -- then that just doesn't makes sense to me. But here's a iphone 6s picture of my panel at 0 on contrast per your request. There is perhaps a wee bit of banding at 0 percent contrast - but I've never noticed in daily use at typical settings - and I don't see anything of the sort on Hardforum's website.

The light bar on the right side was noticeable on every gray and blue background and in GTAV or any games with nighttime scenes, not just at the lowest brightness. I did that so my camera can pick it up easier to show you. Your panel doesn't look bad but mine was brighter on the right side which drove me crazy. Anyways, I have one with a good panel and I am happy.
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well you tested "Doom" and "Dirt Rally" so no problem there but IT MAY FLICKER on "Google Earth" or "ARMA" or "Dragon Age Inquisition"

5. Is power supply internal or external ? ( does it have a power brick like lap top or it's just a power cord that plugs directly in monitor )
External - it's a relatively small HP power brick.

can we get some picture of it and measurements also how hot does it get after whole day of use approximately

also does power brick make any whine/humming/buzzing noises may be noticeable only in a quiet room and if it makes noise does it stop when monitor is on standby or turned off

I don't have ARMA or Dragon Age Inquisition - I downloaded Google Earth and saw zero flickering.

here are some pictures of the power supply.
It does not get hot, barely any heat at all, and it does not buzz - even with my ear against it.


I'm stiil super happy with this monitor after my 136 hours of use and HIGHLY recommend it. I did sell my Dell 3014, because overall I liked this display a little better.

No backlight bleed at all, no IPS glow, great colors, and freesync (no screen tearing). Regardless of the money - this is a really nice display. (Meaning this isn't a "for the money" type of statement. --- rather this is a really nice display regardless of price in my opinion!)
On the other hand, the Pavilion 32" seems to finally be available in Europe.
Hard to say if the Omen will come as well, but it might even after a long time.
I think I'll settle for the Samsung C24FG70. Much smaller in size (24") but at least it will be available in Europe.

I'm stiil super happy with this monitor after my 136 hours of use and HIGHLY recommend it. I did sell my Dell 3014, because overall I liked this display a little better.

No backlight bleed at all, no IPS glow, great colors, and freesync (no screen tearing). Regardless of the money - this is a really nice display. (Meaning this isn't a "for the money" type of statement. --- rather this is a really nice display regardless of price in my opinion!)

Thanks for the review and the updates. Info on this monitor is sparse so it's great to have at least one detailed take on it. I'm considering this to replace a 40" Samsung KU6300 4k TV I decided was a little too big for productivity from my 1m view distance.

Q: how do you find the pixel density of the screen, and what is your typical viewing distance? I'm a little concerned by the 92 PPI vs 110 PPI on the 4k, although I should be able to place the HP a little further back to mitigate.

This looks like a really great screen for the price. Should hold me over until OLED monitors are eventually viable and affordable.
From my perspective it's good on DPI.

For perspective I think a 27" 1080p is a bit too big ppi.

My MacBook has retina and that's great.

This is pretty similar to a 1080p at 24" as far as PPI.

4K wasn't a viable option to me because I like to game and use my display at native resolution and I didn't want to pay the GPU premium for fast framerate at 4K or have the various scaling issues on older programs or GUI or even OS at 4K.

This is a strong middle ground.

I sit a similar distance to you with a deep desk. The ppi is not a problem for me.
Thanks for this thread, it's being very informative.

1) I was considering getting a 40" 4K TV to use as monitor or a 29" ultrawide. This thread made me think of 32" QHD and I did some tests on my current 40" 1080p TV-monitor.

2) If I set Nvidia's DSR to 4K and QHD, take screenshots to compare and then resize the QHD ones to the dimensions a 32" panel would have (easy math), I can see what the density would feel like. Bottom line: 32" QHD at 100% is practically the same density of 40" 4K at %150 (where I would be comfortable for reading), just in a smaller panel. Screen items look nearly the same size this way.

3) So I went to Best Buy to check sizes, and yup, 32" seems like a perfect fit. I've been happy with my 40" TV but monitors that size cost a ton, and TVs are never ideal as monitors (though they do work fine for lots of people, myself included for the past 8 years).

4) Bonus point: if I set custom res on the 32" panel I can get the 21:9 experience for games at the same size (actually a bit bigger) that the 29" ultrawide would give me. So, win-win!

5) I'm waiting for Black Friday discounts, but I'm pretty much decided I'll be buying this HP, the Pavilion version, which is only $350. I would like freesync, but I'm not dying for it (and tend to buy nvidia more than AMD, but in no way am I set on this)
5) I think I might recommend the Omen even if you are an Nvidia preference for the slight uptick in cost. The 75Hz will still function on the Omen with an Nvidia card (obviously freesync won't work).

FWIW, there is a guy posting in the slick deals thread that Costco will have the Omen on special for $299 before tax over the Thanksgiving holiday.


If that's the case - I will be buying two more. Triple screen gaming with three Omens and freesync sounds pretty darn good. Less than $1k for a monitor setup like that is outrageous! (I'll probably end up buying a second Fury X if I go this route -- you can find the Fury X on ebay refurb for $330 sometimes now).
For $299 there is no question. Sold if I can get it.

And welcome euskalzabe, comrade from the KU6300 thread ;)

I did some crude tests adjusting viewing distance on the 6300 to simulate the Omens pixel density at my typical position. I think pixels will be a little more visible to me but still fairly dense. I also have a MacBook Pro Retina as my main work computer so been spoilt by close to zero visible pixelation but I think the Omen will be fine for me.
This is great. I'll keep an eye out, though the closest Costco I have is 2.5h away. Can these coupons be used online too? I just have to find a friend who's a member :)

The more I look at the Pavilion 32 though, it's pretty much the same panel just at 60hz and also supporst freesync, though at a more restricted 48-60hz. What I get will depend on discounts on Black friday or xmas, we'll see what's the better deal. Honestly I'm fine at 60hz and I may just get a cheap rx480 just to try freesync for the first time ever, but it all depends on end of year discounts.

Either way, it looks like it's going to be either the Pavilion or the Omen for me.
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Yep I see it listed at Costco.com now for $399 (wasn't the other day when
I checked) and Black Friday voucher linked above has $100 off. Free shipping too so I will just have to pay tax and special CA electronics levy.

Looks like the online deals may start 24th. Now to setup my online Costco account and be patient... I have to return my 4K TV so more VR and PS4 until thanksgiving ;)

Looks to be an online only sale, so no need to drive 2.5 hours

Woohoo, found it! Excuse my ignorance, but do I still need to be a Costco member to be able to buy it online with the discount? I've never really bought at Costco so I'm a bit unfamiliar with how it works.

If I just come back on the 25th, will that coupon be "clickable" to buy it or something like that?
Booooo... oh well. We'll see what other discounts show up in the next 2 months. Otherwise, I hear LG is coming up with a 32" HDR monitor in February!
Interestingly it looks like you DO NOT have to be a member to order from costco.com. I am a member but have never registered online, and the blurb when signing up says:
Non-members may be assessed an additional surcharge. The surcharge does not apply to prescription items. Executive Members need to provide a membership number to receive credit for their 2% rebate.

From the help page:
Non-members will be charged a 5% surcharge over the member's posted product prices (except for prescription drugs) when purchasing on Costco.com.

There are some items for members only but Omen 32 isn't one of them. So you should be fine maybe just with 5% surcharge so $315, which is still a great deal. It didn't actually mention surcharge for me when I added it to my cart, when I don't have membership associated with my online account yet... may show up at end of checkout though.

Also looks like I get another 2% back thanks to exec membership. Woo.
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Thanks. TFT Central do about the best monitor reviews I've seen, looks like they're a good news source too. 4k IPS 31.5 inches sounds great but panel going into production Feb 2017 (not monitors ready by then), unknown refresh rate, input lag, price etc... yep still planning on Omen 32. Until the glorious OLED revolution arrives.
Any update on overclocking this thing? I have a GTX 1080 and the lack of higher Hz and g-sync are the only things keeping this monitor off my possible-buy list.
Excited to see that HP Canada has them in stock - but the heart sank after seeing the price. $599 CAD. Probably with the exchange rate they'd work out to be around the same price, I guess. Still, hoping we'll get to see some heavy discounts on the monitor up here too.
Good to see some info on this monitor. I'm still on the fence.

I wish there was more absolute info regarding response time and input lag. Or someone could give a rough estimate / compare to another monitor. (Archaea had some good videos, but it's not super formal - seems impressive tho)

Does anyone know of a super secret review or analysis of this monitor? thnx.

The current selection of similar monitors is pretty interesting, but so annoying to sift through information.

32" HP OMEN (No technical review, but lots of discussion)
32" Crossover 32ss (Had a good playwares review, but no real discussion)
32" Crossover 32q75 (Basically brand new late 2016, I've seen nobody posting reviews or discussion however)

They are all basically the same thing. 75hz, Freesync and 32" 1440p VA.

What is up with HP and their maniacal aversion to VESA mounts? It's not just this screen but many of their monitors have the same terrible stand and no mount point.
What is up with HP and their maniacal aversion to VESA mounts? It's not just this screen but many of their monitors have the same terrible stand and no mount point.

They do feature VESA with an adapter that you have to screw in place.
FWIW, buddy of mine ordered his last week. Prior to doing so he contacted costco.com and confirmed they would honor the Black Friday price. All that would need to happen would be to call costco.com customer support and they would credit back the difference. He also ordered on a Tuesday and received it on Friday, so no real need to pay for expedited shipping IMO. I just ordered mine today. If they don't honor it for some reason, then I can just order another and return the one I don't like :)
The screen looks great even at default settings, even on 1920x1200 text is easily readable and clear with the screen at arms length away. I wish I could turn up the resolution to the max but my busted ass pos laptop can't do it... time to build a new gaming rig.
Inverse ghosting tends to occur at high overdrive settings due to overshoot of the desired pixel value. From memory the options on this screen are Off, Fast (default), Faster, Fastest. If you had it on a higher setting turning it down a notch or two should resolve the inverse ghosting, likely at a cost of increasing the avg response time a little (range should be 5-7 depending on the setting). The detailed reviews I've seen of other monitors rarely suggest using highest overdrive due to this issue.
How would this compare to the Dell U2717D I just bought? I love the monitor but the size is not as big as I thought it would be moving up from a 22".

I don't game anymore, more concerned with color accuracy and brightness. How would these compare?