HP C3000 blade system power usage


Nov 10, 2005
Ok so bare with me. i have been all over google and couldnt find out what I was looking for. I figured there are many people here and someone may know or have one to see or share the screen.

I currently run 4 machines with esxi 6.0u2.
1 - dual xeon - 48gb ram
3 - single xeon - 24gb ram

so it got me thinking as I found on google that someone bought a blade chassis (3000) then got another.I cant find the link now but he said...something to the effect of..

the blade manager software showed his blade using 118w

so for me.. I am curious if a hp c3000 with 8 blades but not all used at the same time is a good thought for a home lab vs my current setup. my dual xeon (HP Z800) seems like a power hungry hog and i could end up with a better setup

i see on ebay and even CL that i can get a fairly simple c3000 chassis with fans and power supplies and even at times with some blades/cpu's and memory for say $900...

so my gears are grinding...

so anyone here have access to the HP C3000 where they could show pics of the power manager? im just thinking i could lower my power bill and get more of a lab...

ill get bashed for this i know.. hah so all good.. but even the show us your lab setup.. there are some AWESOME setups but that has to run a nice electric chunk...
I am a fan of Blade Chassis, just not really for home. Between heat, weight and other factors just don't really make them suitable unless you have a dedicated space for your equipment (Not a closet!)

I normally deal with the C7000 so looking over the C3000 you would be looking at:

300 lbs fully loaded with 8 half height blades and 4 interconnect slots full.
BTU rating of 3000 BTU/hr
Ready state power of 800 wats PER power supply (I couldn't find out the PS requirements for powering all zones in the chassis, you would likely need a minimum of 2 per zone to power the entire chassis, so 4 PS pulling 800w in ready state)

When it comes to power, you can't just consider the power your blades draw, also consider the 8 fans, 4 interconnects, mgmt cards and everything else inside the chassis.

You would be better off looking for something like the older Dell C6000 setup in my opinion.
I've intentionally moved to rack mount / tower for this reason. Power draw on those is nuts, especially with the efficiency losses of the interconnects, and the high-speed fans.

Here is a C3000 chassi with 8 blades, 2x G6, 2x G7 and 4x Gen8 servers, all except Gen8 have dual cpu.

Though my PSU´s are quite old, if you get PSUs from say a gen8 or something they will be more efficent, and you can powercap etc aswell.

However they are quite loud, and i would defentiely go for rack servers if i had less then 3 servers. you need switches etc for the c3000 too.