How to setup and install a Gridcoin wallet as well as set it up to receive rewards from Distributed Computing


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Jan 29, 2006
I have a post here about it. However, below are the details and additional info.

You can see a list of whitelisted projects here. You no longer have to be on their team to earn these. They are in the process of whitelisting all BOINC teams. However, the [H]ard|OCP team name has been whitelisted. This covers all of our BOINC projects except WCG for now. When the FERN update is released, WCG will also be allowed.

If you need help installing the BOINC software you can follow these videos

You only need to send a beacon once every 6 months. Setting up the wallet isn't quick because you have to wait for results at a project to return validate and then sync up. You could feasibly have this set up and going within a few days due to this. At current rates, you will most likely not turn a profit due to the resources put in. However, it is a small return on contributing to science research of various types.

And of course, you can always ask us over in the Distributed Computing sub forum where we have a lot of knowledgeable DC'ers who can get you up and running quick.