How to set up BiblePay and also get free coin for DC'ing


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Jan 29, 2006
The old info I had on here is pretty much obsolete. I have a YouTube video for installing and setting up the wallet in Windows 10. If you find these videos helpful, please subscribe and like the videos.

Here are some videos for installing the BOINC software on various OS's as it is necessary to run to earn the awards.

Linux Mint 19.2

Ubuntu 19.10

Windows 10

and you will want to use our team link for signing up to WCG HERE
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Come on here flogging biblepay.... yes, this will end well.
Miners - we are a cranky bunch.

Villified, misunderstood, distrusting, paranoid, and independent...that's us! :p
Apparently, all it takes to be labelled a Satanist is to disagree with a Dev that doesn't show any support to his claims. I'm still waiting on a reply to that PM. Never knew that it was very "Christian" to make threats like that over disagreeing about the capabilities of hardware/software. I went ahead and screenshot the details in case he decides to delete posts.

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I'm still trying to grasp why it is that Jesus needs cash, cryptocurrency or otherwise. If he (or God) actually wanted to help people, why would cash be needed?
I'm still trying to grasp why it is that Jesus needs cash, cryptocurrency or otherwise. If he (or God) actually wanted to help people, why would cash be needed?

Imaginary things need imaginary currency
Well, instead of something intelligent, I get this. Typical response of lousy devs that do not understand what they are working with. Their solution, instead of actually having intelligent discussion just push users away. Stroke their own ego. Seems to be a plague of this in the crypto realm.

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From looking around the interwebs, apparently this Dev (Rob) was a former Gridcoin Dev and also was the admin/dev of GridcoinFinance which was a shit project in the BOINC community. Things make a little more sense now......
Self-threadcrapped crap thread.

It's like an Xzibit "Yo dawg" meme and an Inception meme all rolled into one.
Hey Gilthanis, I am sorry for your past interactions with Rob, there are others with similar stories

I will say the past year Rob has chilled out a lot, please give him a second chance

It is true, that Rob was the Founder and Lead Developer of Gridcoin (GRC),
launched October 2013, the #1 science cryptocurrency

He publically resigned from Gridcoin this April 2019,
here is his letter:

From my own digging of the cryptocurrencytalk forum,
I believe he created BiblePay initially as a side project to fix the problems he was facing with Gridcoin

Recently BiblePay (BBP) coin has added back in rewards for BOINC research,
for the World Community Grid (WCG) project

About 24% of block rewards are going to this now, and crunchers from any Team can join and get BBP coins


As of Feb 2020, 1 RAC rewards about 0.5 BBP daily



Bitcointalk Forum:
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** 1 Million BiblePay Coin PODC Giveaway**

All World Community Grid crunchers setup with a BiblePay wallet taking part in PODC are eligible to win!


Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

- You must be a PODC researcher, in the biblepay wallet leaderboard as of February 29th, 2020
- You must be contributing to research to the World Community Grid project
- You must have more than 100 RAC (Recent Average Credit)


PODC Setup Guide:


(As of today, the giveaway is worth $150+, and the odds are good to win, only 58 researchers are in the leaderboard!)

Last months winner:


Mechanics of picking the winner:

Let A = the first 4 hex-characters of the blockhash, equaling 1-65535

Let B = 65535 / (count of superblock researchers in the prior superblock)

Let C = A / B. C equals the (ordinal of) the winner (by counting from left to right through the last GSC contract)
I updated the first post with more recent How-To information for setting up the wallet and setting up PoDC 2.0. If you find them helpful, please subscribe, like, and share.