how to make photo look like this?


Limp Gawd
Jul 30, 2004


these picture are from another thead. but i like the way they look. i have photoshop CS4 to work with and i want to make my photos look that way. the colors are so deep. i love it.
Wait, are you talking about the colors, or the picture through the monitor effect?

I'd say try bumping up the color saturation on your camera first and see where that takes you. Additionally, check your lighting to make sure it's not harsh and beaching.
This is a fairly easy one - there are probably a good half-dozen ways to get the look of these images, but I'll outline how I would do it w/ the software I'm using: Lightroom 2 and the older Photoshop CS1. (CS4's raw importer gives you the same options as Lightroom, I think)

When shooting the photo, use a tripod - you're going to take two photo's and they need to line up. You can set the camera's color mode to Desaturated if you want, but it's not going to make a big difference since you have a lot to do in post-process anyways.

Take one photo with no laptop (in the case of example images), and one with the laptop there. Same background, just one w/ laptop and one without. That way you can put what's behind the laptop in the image later.

To get that color look in LR or PS-importer, turn down the saturation to around 20% then play w/ the vibrance 'till the brighter colors pop back out - I'm guessing around %60 should do it. Then crank up the Clarity to get that slightly tone-mapped hdr look - around %80 should work. Make sure to do the exact same thing to both photos so they go together properly. You might also need to tweak selective color hues if the ones if the original photos weren’t quite what you wanted.

In PS, put the two images on separate layers w/ the no-laptop image on top. Use layer mask to remove everything from the no-laptop image but the area on the screen. Adjust layer-opacity and brightness to get the right reflection look. Profit!
Mainly I'd say this is white balance adjustment and contrast boost with some desaturation. There may be some green-cast that may have been achieved by using an additional layer set to overlay.
That's the classic expired film look, though in those examples they were clearly done in post processing.