How to get SPARC during the Alpha phase using BOINC


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Jan 29, 2006
Edit 1/11/2019

The Alpha is OVER and can no longer get DCC from running BOINC projects!!

The DCP beta is now online! Sign Up
Thank you for participating in our alpha program. January 9th 2019 will be the last time the alpha is updated, we will be leaving the website as is and continue allowing participants to withdraw their DCC.

To continue earning DCCs head over to, sign up and continue mining scientific projects!

So, this post is more for those who are familiar with distributed computing projects like Folding at Home, SETI, WCG, etc... Currently King's Distributed is offering SPARC to BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) users that participate in a small list of projects. Similar to Gridcoin and Curecoin (only you don't have to join THEIR team), they are giving out free token coins based on the amount you contribute to each of the projects compared to the rest who sign up. IIRC they allocate up to 2,000 coins per project each week. However, my memory may be a bit fuzzy and I'm making this a quick How-to.
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If you are not using BOINC and would like to donate your CPU and/or GPU resources to benefit science, please consider joining our team. We have tons of information in the Distributed Computing forums. I think you will find us to be a lot more helpful or willing to help than those in the mining crowd.

You can download BOINC from here -
The projects that King's Distributed are currently rewarding for contributing are:

Amicable Numbers - - Team link -
Asteroids@home - - Team link -
Citizen Science Grid - -
Not rewarding - ClimatePredictionDotNet - - Team link -
Not rewarding - Collatz Conjecture - - Team link -
Cosmology@home - - Team link -
Einstein@home - - Team link -
GPUGrid - - Team link -
Rosetta@home - - Team link -
Not rewarding as project ended - Skynet POGS - - Team link -
SRBase - - Team link -
Not rewarding as project ended - SZTAKI Desktop Grid - - Team link -
LHC@home - - Team Link -
Not rewarding as project ended - Leiden Classical - - Team link -
Milkyway@home - - Team link -
Moo! Wrapper - - Team link -
NFS@home - - Team link -
Numberfields - - Team link -
PrimeGrid - - Team link -
TNGrid - - Team link -
Universe@home - - Team link -
YoYo@home - - Team link -
SETI@Home - - Team link -
World Community Grid (WCG) - this link will sign you up and add you to our team automatically after registering -

** I edited the list to indicate projects that have stopped awarding SPARC (Now called DCC tokens). Some of the projects ended. Some of them stopped awarding because of privacy law changes and/or their projects went through some changes and King's Distributed hasn't made the necessary changes. I've been informed via e-mails that they have no intention on fixing or adjusting the Alpha at this time and they have no set date yet on when it will end. YMMV

I recommend using an account manager if you are going to run multiple projects. We have a how-to here -
How to setup BOINC (due to the file hoster pics can only be seen by following place holders. A replacement thread/edit will come in the future) Windows & Ubuntu Cent OS 7
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Go to and register an account.


You should then see a page like below.


On the top right, click on the radar looking icon.


Next, from the drop down box you will want to choose Rosetta@home. This is necessary for the setup process. If you do not have an account at Rosetta@home, you will want to register one here -


You will need to locate your User ID from the Rosetta@home page by logging into your account.


You can see from this picture where it is located after logging into your Rosetta@home account.


Enter that ID number here and click Save.



For those that already have a WCG account or those that make one later, this is the only project that is slightly different to add. I mention here since we are already on the step of adding projects. WCG requires you to add your WCG user name (not email address) as well as an App Key. Their site should change that lingo to say External Authorization Code. From your World Community Grid Account, you can find that code by clicking on Settings at the top right. Click My Prophile on the left. Then scrolling to the bottom where it says External Authorization Code. Copy that code into the App Key portion of the King's Distributed Page and click Save.



You will need to follow the same steps for any other projects you participate in just like you did for Rosetta@home.
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Next click on the icon in the top right that looks like a person. Next to CPID you will see a link that says Click to Open. Click it. You should see a TEMP API KEY. Copy that code. Follow the instruction to click the link that takes you to a Rosetta@home page. That is the same one you had to use to register above if you were wondering. They are basically having you log into your account to grab User ID again as you did above. Only now they want you to put that in the box here too. This is just part of setting up the SPARC side. They chose Rosetta@home for unknown reasons. Next, follow the other link which takes you into a forums post over at Rosetta@home. Create a post in that thread with nothing more than the Temp API Key on your King's Distributed Page.




After you do that, come back to the King's Distributed page and click Connect.

15 - Correct info.JPG

At this point you should be set up and your balance will be 0 until the next pay out. They are currently doing payouts on Wednesdays of each week.


To withdaw, you will need to have an etherium wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Coinbase does not do this so do not try. Enter your wallet address and click Withdraw. If everything goes through OK, you should see something like the next 2 photos.




If you check your wallet later, it should show your tokens.

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If one of the projects that is still active and you are contributing points to isn't rewarding, try removing it and re-adding it. I just did this with WCG and got my first payout from it in several weeks.
Just posting this here for historical documentation...