How to change phone carriers for Sierra wireless AirLink GX450


Sep 14, 2021
Hello, I have a sierra airlink GX450 that has the ATT firmware on it.
I am trying to get this device to work with the sprint and Verizon firmware as well.
But every time I go into ace manager and install the firmwares from the sierra wireless website for Verizon and sprint I get a message saying it’s not matching firmware from storage.
Every time I try to apply the radio module firmware, on the third step for applying, I get a message saying ( couldn't open downloaded firmware package ).
When I check the firmware tab in ace manager it shows a ATT and Verizon option.
I have tried resetting from the reset the button on the device and resetting from ace manager and it still had the same issue.
I’ll attach the image of what I’m seeing below.
I also have tried to do it through the software and firmware tab on the top of the screen. That also didn’t work and I will attach image of what I’m seeing.
Any information that would help me figure out how I can configure this device to different carriers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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