How long do PSU's last?

As said many times, get a quality PSU and it will last a long time.

In early 2011 I bought a Corsair AX750 (Seasonic based design) and ran it 24/7 for around 8 years, replaced with a Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750W in 2019.
It sat in its box until November 2020 when I bought a new machine with a clocked 10700K and high end clocked 3090.
It runs this system as if it was a new PSU, rock stable, never a problem with long gaming sessions.
This PSU is now days away from being 10 years old (since I got it) and doesnt look like it will have any problems in the near future.

I could swap PSUs and put the new Seasonic in the 3090 rig but I'm curious just how long the AX750 will hold up.
(I'm an EEE btw, keeping an eye open for signs of EOL)