How long do keyboards last?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 17, 2006
Membrane -- those usually get dirty and need to be cleaned where the plunger hits. Really old membranes can degrade, requiring replacement.
Mechanical -- switches can get dirty inside and need to be cleaned as well. Mechanical failures can occur, but I haven't ever had it happen.

That said, I have a few really old keyboards that still work 100% to this day. Amiga 500 keyboard, Amiga 4000 keyboard, Siig Suntouch, Siig Minitouch, etc.

Some of the cheaper gaming membrane keyboards I had from the early 2000's failed in relatively short order, within 5 years and wouldn't register key presses anymore, even with cleaning.

I have some "modern" mechanical keyboards that had 5-10 years of use and still all work 100%. They are by Ducky and Deck. All my other modern mechanical keyboards built within the past 3 years are DIY built from kits or parts and are 100% working. (YC96, Reviung39, Mercutio, Romeo, Daisy, MJ64, Pain27, etc)

Really, there isn't much with electrolytic capacitors that need replacing -- everything is solid state on the PCB and should last a long time, considering no ESD and manufacturing defects. They can easily be repaired too.
Feb 6, 2020
Depends on the user. I have a membrane keyboard i got for free back when i ordered parts and its been 15yrs+, still works fine. I got a mech keyboard now and it should last a while too.