How does 2 rifts on 1 account work?


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Jun 3, 2005
I have a CV1 sitting in storage after upgrading to Rift S. What would happen if I were to put that on another computer? Would it be like Steam where I can only have the Oculus software open on 1 computer at a time? Would I only be able to play any single game on 1 computer at a time? Or would it all just work regardless?
I don't know as I only have a CV1. But I'm sure someone on would have tried this.
Try it and report back?

Regarding Steam, you can have Steam itself running on as many computers as you want at any given time. It just won't you run more than one game at a time, or at least, it won't let you run the same game on more than one machine.
I think you only have to actually plug in in one of the sensors. When the CV1 came out, it actually only came with one, as I recall.
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I had two Rift S headsets on two different rigs and it just listed them as separate devices in the app. No issues with the room scale setup as it seems to be set to the device not account.

I was not able to run 2 instances of Bigscreen or other apps under the same Oculus App sign-in. I was able to run two instances of other games, Minecraft, DCS, etc, without issues. If it's directly tied to Steam or Oculus App it won't let you.

I wish the OA had a family setup so the other Rift S is on a different account but I can still manage it.