How do I replace the connector on this cheap 3C2V coaxial type cable?

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Jun 12, 2001
I bought a cheap eBay special rotatable TV antenna (200 miles yeah right!) and the cable is integrated into the antenna and it is the cheap 3C-2V crap and the end is bad I can move it and have the picture freeze or have my tuner say "No Signal" move it again and it gets better, so the end is bad.

The cable is very thin I do have some RG-59 ends in both crimp on and push-on type but will these work for this POS cheap type of cable?

The antenna has a amplifier and power supply unit in one box (along with a single button on top to make the antenna rotate) it came with another piece of that cable to go to the TV however I used a real RG-6 cable that I have so many of! I still have that short cable however as I did not toss it yet.